Groundbreaking Reads - Summer Reading 2013

Annotation:Annotated from Boston Public Library's list of "100 most influential books of the century," these are titles that represent turning points in the way we understand ourselves and our place in the world. See the entire list at:

Annotation:These titles that almost made the Boston Public Library's list of "100 most influential books of the century" are just as interesting as those that made the final cut. See the entire list at:

Annotation:Bomb shelters, the London Underground during the Blitz, caves, spelunking, fantasy underground worlds - "Journey to the Center of the Earth" may be the first story that comes to mind, but many more have explored similar subterranean territory. Here is a sampling of books (and movies) that take place, at least in part, underground.

Annotation:A selection of titles that explore underground political movements and the lives of political revolutionaries.

Annotation:What do you want to do before THE END? There are a surprising number of books out there with suggestions for things to do before you die. Also, some resources for planning your own funeral and other end-of-life concerns.

Annotation:Most of us are not hoarders, but probably tend to keep things beyond their usefulness. If clutter busting is daunting for you, perhaps a guided approach by one of these experts can help.

Annotation:Suggestions for the "Break New Ground" adult summer reading challenge to "Read a story, poem or picture book out loud to someone."

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The theme for Adult Summer Reading 2013 is "Groundbreaking Reads," which can be interpreted any number of ways! Here you will find booklists for a variety of interpretations, from literal to metaphorical.

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