Summer of the Gypsy Moths

Summer of the Gypsy Moths

eBook - 2012
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Stella resents the new foster girl her great-aunt brings into their home. She and Angel have absolutely nothing in common except for being the same age. Angel is tough and prickly and dramatic, doesn't like to eat any food that's good for you—and has no time for any of the hints from Heloise that Stella lives by. But when the girls come home from school one day to find great-aunt Louise dead on the kitchen floor they have to somehow work together to keep anyone else from finding out that they're living on their own. — Mary S., Eden Prairie Library

Jul 21, 2016

good summer read for grade 5 and up

May 20, 2016

An absolutely delightful story about the coming of age of 2 young girls . They experience adversity and circumstances , all of which they cope and handle , come up with solutions . The two girls who did not like each other have to pool their resources and learn to get along This book is not just for the young , Adults will like it also . Recommend this book .

Oct 18, 2014

Not really my style, and I have small patience so I didn't bother finishing it.
But don't let my comment stop you from trying!

Sep 04, 2012

This book isn't just for tweens - this adult enjoyed it a great deal and I talked about it with our six-year-old, who is looking forward to reading it some time (the great-aunt dying puts her off for now!). I read this while on Cape Cod for our summer vacation - made a nice "location" read and is full of fun moments. The narrator is wonderful - one can see she has developed motherly worrying tendencies through having such an absentee mother herself. Nicely portrayed.

BPLNextBestKids Aug 18, 2012

Aunt Louise has taken in her great niece, Stella, whose mother is unable to care for her, but she has also taken Angel, a girl of Stella’s age, as a foster child. The girls are very unlike and try to stay away from each other as much as possible until the day they unexpectedly discover Aunt Louise dead of a heart attack. Since neither girl wants to move again they decide to cooperate to cover up the situation and to pretend to outsiders that everything is fine. This is a story of developing trust and friendship with a very satisfying ending. Reviewed by BPL volunteer EE.


It's awesome. Just awesome. Pennypacker has clearly been holding out on us all these years. If this is how she begins with longer chapter book fiction then I can only imagine how she will proceed. A truly remarkable debut from the fingertips of a pro.

branch_reviews Jun 30, 2012

After her mother runs off (again), 12-year- old Stella finds herself living with her Great Aunt Louise and a foster child named Angel (who does not live up to her name) in a house beside the Linger Longer cottages on Cape Cod. Stella and Angel get along like oil and water until Aunt Louise unexpectedly dies. The girls realize that they both desperately want to avoid getting thrown back into the foster care system, so they find a way to cover up Louise’s death and run the Linger Longer vacation rentals on their own. Over the summer the girls learn the true meaning of friendship as they survive on relish and lollipops and the leftovers from the departing cottagers. They babysit the vacationing toddlers and fend off the persistent gypsy moths until the day the secret becomes too much to bear. Author of the Clementine series, this book will appeal to the older tweens. It is well-written with strong characterization and thoughtful themes which will appeal to adults as well.
Reviewed by NB

m2 May 17, 2012

Loved this book! A lovely coming of age book -- showcasing 2 girls in the foster care system. Beautifully realized. Read it.

GPLKids May 10, 2012

This is a fine summer read especially for girls, aged ten and older. While there are some improbable parts in the plot line, Stella and Angel are very well developed characters. The setting,a small beach front cottage group, is especially well drawn. There is humor as well as sadness to keep readers interested and there will be plenty to chat about among readers who complete this novel.

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