War Room

War Room

DVD - 2015
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Sep 19, 2018

I loved this movie! Inspirational, wholesome, honest, good for the whole family. Makes you feel good at the end and take a look at your own life to evaluate just how much you are in the driver's seat and don't actually let God take the wheel. Release the anger and let God take control :)

Feb 06, 2018

This movie was "okay", good but not great.

Jul 13, 2017

This one was a bit too sanitized and preachy for my tastes.

Dec 28, 2016

War Room has something to offend everyone, but especially women, the elderly, African Americans, and Christians -- whom I simply can't believe want to be portrayed in this way. The four groups are embodied in the character of Miss Clara, a cutsey Wise Black Woman who would be rejected as a racial stereotype in the 1950s. Miss Clara's advice to heroine Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer, an inexperienced actress who gives a sincere performance) is simple: shut up, pray, submit to your man, rant at Satan occasionally, and all will be well. Everyone will have a favourite scene: the double-dutch competition, a white man telling a black man to do a back flip for him, the running joke about how Elizabeth's feet smell. Mine is the one in which God, to prevent Elizabeth's abusive horn dog husband from having an affair, causes him to vomit. I feel you, man.

Dec 21, 2016

Another well-dome Kendrick brothers movie about husband-wife relationships. You do have to fight to keep a marriage going. If you like Christian-based film, you should check this (and others like Courageous) out.

LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! It definitely proves the power of prayer and the power of the name of Jesus. Bravo!!!!! Prayer and the name of Jesus are the most powerful weapons.

James 5:15-16
And the prayer offered IN FAITH will make the sick person well; the LORD will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to each other (and God) and pray for each other so you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous man is powerful and effective.

Nov 19, 2016

What a wonderful movie. It just reminds me that we should be thankful for all the blessings
we have.I am Catholic but not religious, but this is just the movie I need.Do the right thing
and be nice to other people.You don't know when you might need their help.

Nov 14, 2016

may i say, i`ve been in #1 HOLD position for weeks now, so what gives? Kenilworth Branch
May i add this? We are asked, ' don`t you know that you are the temple of the Lord'(Holy Spirit)...and Jesus said called the Temple 'a house of prayer' in Luke 19:46. So if He dwells within you, you best be about our Father`s business. It`s His will. In Luke 21:36 we pray for 'a place of safety'-"to be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man". We must pray always, as we are His temple of prayer on earth!

Nov 03, 2016

The best film yet for the Kendrick brothers. I'm going to make some changes in my life as a result of this movie.

Sep 24, 2016

I have seen this movie and it is wonderful. I am glad to be able to find it at the library so I can watch it again,/ It was a very inspiring movie, want to make my own war room area since I cant use my closet.

Sep 01, 2016

Not bad. Quite inspiring.

Jul 14, 2016

I enjoyed this movie, it isn't only about treating other nicely but also about putting Jesus in your life and to me that is a very important message.

lmr19861986 Jun 12, 2016


Jun 10, 2016

If you appreciate Evangelical agendas this movie is for you. If you are not as interested in Evangelical based movies, the 120 minutes will make you want to pray for it to be over.
Plot, character and film making in general are all seriously lacking. I wanted to start a Novena in hopes that it would stop the movie -- then I recalled it was on DVD and I could stop it at any time.

There is a fair amount of telling the viewer to treat each other nicely, and that isn't a bad message, it probably could have happened in much less than 120 minutes, but sometimes movies are longer than they need to be.

May 27, 2016

For all of you prayer warriors this movie is a must see/5 stars definitely!

May 24, 2016

Although Im not religious I absolutely enjoyed this movie, it had me interested all the way through. Even if you dont believe there are awesome life lessons to be learned, the easy way too. Definately has me thinking about my relationships & perhaps re-evaluating how I react to situations, understanding that its out of my control & remembering that everything happens for a reason.
Highly recommend.

May 02, 2016

Read the book and saw the movie. Loved both and the movie fleshed out the book by transporting me into these families lives with drama and power of the Holy Spirit. I was inspired to pump-up my prayer life again for my loved ones and enemies. Yes the movie is a ministering tool that can change lives...like mine.

Apr 13, 2016

Amazing! You'll cheer, laugh and cry. It's well worth your time.

LoganLib_darsh Apr 11, 2016

A powerful film directed by the Kendrick brothers. If you liked "Courageous" or "Facing the Giants" you will surely be moved by this. It has such a strong message.

Apr 09, 2016

Not a church goer here or I'd have sure rated this movie 5 stars. There was one time in the fast money round of the Family Fuel, the host asked "According to a 100 man survey, what is the ideal waist measurement for a woman?" The first lady said 31" and got zero, the second lady said "34" and received another zero, the look on their faces were priceless while I was laughing my head off. After reading the comments already posted for this movie, I must have shown the same expression as those two ladies from Family Fuel. Yes, go ahead and laugh at my 2.5 star rating.

Apr 06, 2016

One of the very best Christian films I have ever watched - and I've watched many. The older woman in this movie ROCKS..... I want to be like her. Every person, Christian or not, should see this movie. This movie is powerful, effective and highly recommended. It is a MUST OWN for my own library. One time viewing it is not enough... this is a message to ponder and be reminded of until it gets down deep in your spirit to practice in daily life.

JeffAChristian Feb 29, 2016

A+ all the way! A must see! Prayer is not only a conversation with the God of all things, but an effective weapon to use against the forces that would want to destroy everything we hold dear. Highly recommended!

Feb 26, 2016

I don't usually watch Christian films, but do at times based on recommendations. such as Exodus 2015, the Bible 2013, The Fourth Wise Man 1985, etc. This is a wonderful family film. For non-Christians, great insights into family, husband-wife relationship, forgiveness, work-life balance, concept of grace and the team sport of rope jumping.

Feb 19, 2016

This movie is a powerful drama based movie for the whole family. Saw it in the cinemas last year and was enjoyed by all. It is one of those movies that makes you think about yourself and your family after watching it.

Feb 17, 2016

I loved that movie...a true inspiration !!!a help for this generation...and how you can fight for your marriage...and how to do it..very very good movie!

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