The Weissensee saga

The Weissensee saga

Season 1

DVD - 2017 | German
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It is a sweeping family saga of conflicting loyalties, betrayal, love and hope, set in 1980s East Berlin. Uwe Kockisch Hans Kupfer, is a Stasi officer whose youngest son, Martin, falls in love with the daughter of a dissident singer. Their love affair sets events into motion which affect both families over a turbulent decade. The Kupfers and the Hausmanns could hardly be more different.
Publisher: [Falls Church, Virginia] : MHZ Networks Home Entertainment, [2017]
Copyright Date: ©2017
Characteristics: 3 videodiscs (244 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in
4 3/4 in
5.1 Dolby Digital
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Jun 11, 2017

One night in June, Ostberlin (East Berlin) 1980 …
Your son is flirting with a potential defector?
-I’ll take care of it fast, privately, non-bureaucratically.
Hans, you know the consequences if you can’t put a lid on it. You and your sons would be unsustainable.
-I’m well aware of that.
You’d be shoveling coal for the rest of your lives.
Nothing much has changed here.
-But you have. You’ve grown old. And Gray. But you dress better.
In the resistance in the past, and a Stasi general today. OH excuse me. Of course you work in the Ministry of the Interior. Left a few bodies behind along the way, huh?
-No dead bodies, but a lot of casualties, yes.
Here is the original program. In some cities I’ll also sing individual songs. Sorry. I mean based on region, of course. Encores will be Brecht, Piaf, Brel. Depending on the mood of the audience. Oh, and here’s the signed statement that I won’t sing the song “Address To The Officials.”

Jun 11, 2017

TV announcer: … the relatively short Olympic road of this great and glorious people, but so successful.

Boy: I bet Alexander Dityatin wins all the medals!
Now, be honest, how many cars do they have?
They must be big shots in the Ministry of the Interior.
-Seems like it.
So why is he just in the Volkspolizei?
Make sure the light in his cell is turned on and off alternately.
-But we can’t…
That’s an order, Comrade Unterleutnant.
-Yes, sir, Comrade Major. Every 15 minutes?
No regularities, comrade. Or he can hold on to that.
My own daughter, in the Stasi swamp.

Jun 11, 2017

What’s wrong with you, Falk?
-What’s wrong with me? I’m fighting for a better world, Vera. For justice and happiness. All people will be equal. There will be no discrimination, everyone will be treated the same. But who keeps destroying my hope for inner and outer peace? These Hausmanns, and Jerochs and Zanders, whatever they’re called. They’re self-centered, megalomaniacs, greedy, incapable of even a glimmer of social awareness.
Must be terrible seeing the world like that.
-How do I see it?
Seeing people as either friends or enemies.
-Yes, exactly!
But people are so much more than just friends or enemies.
I believe people are hungry for the truth.
-Well, I’m more hungry for a real dinner.
Sometimes I think I grabbed the truth by its coat and I don’t ever want to let it go. But when I look closely, it’s just some threadbare cloth in my hand.
Alcohol abuse, nervous breakdowns. Common among so-called artists.

Jun 11, 2017

Martin, I’ve been thinking. We shouldn’t meet anymore.
-We won’t have to meet. Now we'll always be together.
It was a mistake. Soon you’ll realize that, too. … I think my feelings for you aren’t strong enough to withstand all these difficulties. It’s just not worth it for me.
-Not worth it? But we love each other,
Maybe it’s not love. I’m sorry. I don’t care what you think of me now. You can hate me or curse me, but don’t contact me again. It’s pointless!
Julia! Julia. Hey…
-Wasn’t I explicit enough? I don't want you!
Why are you afraid?
-They’re stronger than us. I thought maybe now it wouldn’t hurt as much.
We can’t be afraid. We can’t. Nobody can be as strong as we are together.

Jun 11, 2017

Your mother and I had the same goals. A classless society without privileges.
-I’m not interested in civics.
We were your age. And completely devoted.
-You had an affair with my mother?
I loved her. I don’t want to be your enemy, Julia. I want you to use your strength.
-And my anger!
Yes, your anger, too! You have to control it, of course.
-You always want to control everything. It won’t work!
My parents died in concentration camps, I know how hard it is…
-My mother’s dying here in your Stasi country!
It’s a good thing that no one can hear you.
-No? You’re not recording this? Isn’t that the thing to do?
I want us to be friends.
-You want me to be a snitch. You call that friendship?
We both love the same person.
-I don’t have to like you just because you’re Martin’s father.
Are you really this heroic? Is it so hard?
-My mother’s in there and she doesn’t recognize me! I don’t know if she’ll ever be the same old, sweet, selfish Dunja again!

Jun 11, 2017

Wanting to live in a different country doesn’t make you a criminal. And it's no reason to mark him for the rest of his life. Maybe the Wall is the real crime.
-Martin! … This border protects us, not just us but the whole world from a third world war. … Martin, surely you’re not questioning the political necessity of the Berlin Wall?
People are dying trying to escape…
-They know what they’re doing, they know the consequences.
Even Children!
-It’s called natural selection.
You still have feelings for her.
-How long have you known?
From the very beginning. When she sang at the Party Congress. I saw your face.
-You never said a word.
What? What was I supposed to say? “I’m hurt. I’m suffering.” You wouldn’t have cared.
-That’s not true.
I know you so well, Hans. I know you only chose me for the sake of the Party and the family.
-Marlene… You’re a very, very good wife.
A model wife. Yes. We have a model marriage. You said so yourself recently.
-That’s not the worst thing.

Jun 11, 2017

Episode 5:
Student Alex: Mrs. Kupfer? Do you have a minute?
-What is it?
I don’t know why I got such a bad grade.
-It reflects your work.
But I got everything right, and wrote more than Holger did.
Episode 6
Student Alex: Mrs. Kupfer, do you have a minute?
-What is it?
Now I know why my grades have gone down.
-Your performance has been bad recently.
It’s because my parents applied for an exit permit.
-Don’t talk nonsense. Go home.
I just wanted to say, I know it’s not your fault.
-You’re such a smart aleck.

Jun 11, 2017

If they get you, your friends will open their mouths, and then their friends, and so on.
-I never knew you were so idealistic. But idealistic and pregnant is a shitty combination. Julia! I forbid you from seeing this journalist!
-You can’t do that.
It’s my child, too! And if you’re so reckless, I have to take responsibility.
-You can’t tell me what to do, Martin.
Julia… Julia, I’m scared of losing you, you and the baby.
-Yes, and with this fear they’ll always call the shots. Because of cowards.
What? You’re calling me a coward?
-Yes. And I don’t want my kid to have a coward for a father.
What does that mean?
-The truth is this… You can’t let your family go, and I can’t let go of mine.
You were right. Love isn’t enough.
-What do you mean?
She called me a coward, and maybe I am. A coward.
-Don’t make the same mistake I did, Martin. What else can be enough, if not love?

Jun 11, 2017

A moving resistance song towards the final episode:
Someone’s written on the wall, the letters bright and blue… No rain, no sun, no wind in Weissensee… Equality in lockstep, Socialists… Imperialists, marching Concealing, producing, I read… What will save the world? On a small red leaf in a puddle… A notice on a tree… On a billboard at the station… In brittle colors here, too… What will save the world? Not speeches, not silence, not hearing, not seeing… Not Confucianism, narcissism… Communism… ism… ism… Written on a poster, soaked by rain… Torn by the wind, “ism… ism…” What will save the world? Not storms, not earthquakes, not light, not water… Not shadows… In the shadows of a man, a woman… What will save the world? In the shadow of a man, a woman… What will save us?
Are you sure you want to come with me?


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Oct 08, 2018

A good series of the Stasi era in East Germany. The methods are familiar to the Stalinist and even fascist times. Everyone is spying on everyone else. Don't trust anyone. Families, friendships destroyed, careers are based on lies and cruelty. The eighties feel like the fifties.

Mar 28, 2018

I like that the episodes build in intensity, but I do not think I will watch another season.

d2013 Jan 05, 2018

Excellent script, great series!

Nov 22, 2017

Absolutely riveting. I really enjoyed that series

Jun 11, 2017

Absorbing drama and brilliant writing on East Germany in 1980 when the young shoot of change had begun to pry at Stasi's grip on the people of German Democratic Republic (quote: But people are so much more than just friends or enemies) and there was the disruptive love between the son of a Stasi officer and the daughter of a dissident singer (quote: What else can be enough, if not love?.) An excellent write up in The Guardian:

Kate Connolly
Saturday 2 October 2010 19.07 EDT
It has been dubbed a cold war Romeo and Juliet and drawn huge television audiences in Germany since its launch in mid-September.
So popular is the TV drama about life in communist East Germany – which critics say provides the first sympathetic portrayal of the lives of East Germans since reunification 20 years ago – that many believe it will outperform American hit series Mad Men, which opens on German television next month.


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