101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing the Right Curriculum and Approach for Each Child's Learning Style

Book - 2012
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Duffy walks you through the curriculum selection process: goal setting, figuring out which educational approach to use, developing your own philosophy of education, determining your teaching style, and identifying your children's learning styles.
Publisher: Westminster, CA : Grove Pub. ; c2012.
ISBN: 9780929320151
Characteristics: 329 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.


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Jan 07, 2017

It is an amazing book and big help to any family who choses to homeschool or even to do read together. The suggestions in the book are helpful to the parent as it gives a brief info on the each of the books that are suggested. I am very grateful for such a book. and highly recommend it.

reasontakesme Oct 16, 2014

There's a part of me that wants to give this book a good rating, as it has some good content; however, I cannot in good conscience even slightly endorse a book that promotes a passively aggressive and intellectual form of child abuse.

When you choose your religious text instead of what we have actually learned about the world through scientific endeavors, you're participating in an unreasonable way of thinking. When you teach this method of thinking to a child and indoctrinate them with it, however, your actions are perverse and a violation of your responsibilities and trust as a parent. Children are not our property. We don't get to teach them whatever we want. Or we shouldn't anyway. We owe it to them to teach them how to think (specifically in this case how to distinguish fact from fiction).

To stand against evolution, as the author does, in particular always leaves me astonished. It's one of the most supported theories (like the theory of gravity, or the germ theory of disease) that humans have uncovered through science. Even the Catholic Church recognized that was a stupid fight. And hey, with the slightest piece of substantiated evidence it could easily be disproved. There are plenty of pieces of evidence that could disprove evolution, from finding fossils out of order, to vastly differing embryonic development in humans from other primates, to lack of homologous structures in humans when compared to other animals. Yet not a single shred of evidence has been uncovered, not one. What we have found is exactly what we would expect given common ancestry. We have a lizard and mammalian brain beneath the cerebral cortex, a mammalian skeleton, a map of DNA in our body that connects us to every other organism on this earth, primal reactions that we share with hundreds of other mammalian species ... that's not to mention that we have directly observed evolution hundreds of times. Anyway, we could go on for weeks unfolding the evidence for evolution. Creation doesn't explain or predict ANY of these things. Quite to the contrary, other animals wouldn't need to have any noticeable similarities to us if we were specially created. Even other humans wouldn't need to be homologous. Other species wouldn't even need to be DNA based (or have any homologous structures to humans) if creation was involved. They could all be made up of different stuff. I bring up evolution because the author insisted on commenting on it and because she promotes creationist 'science' textbooks.

As for your comment EuSei, besides anecdote what makes you think that atheism is a problem? I.e. Which studies and statistics? As an atheist, I am vastly more moral than Yahweh, to choose the god of the author. I'd never accept a human or animal blood sacrifice as penance for sin, nor hold someone accountable for the "sins" of someone else (Adam and Eve). I wouldn't send bears to kill 42 children because 2 youth called Elijah baldy. I condemn slavery outright, unlike Yahweh. Even the golden rule can be improved on from the way it is presented by Jesus. We should treat others how best we can tell that they would like to be treated (not how we would like to be treated - they're different from us). This list could also go on for a LONG time. But the point is that we don't need god to be moral. In fact, we've spent centuries getting over the idea that god can give individuals or groups of people special permissions to do what they want to others, as he did in the stories in the Bible. Please understand that as a critical thinker I don't actually believe those stories, and I don't need anyone watching over my shoulder telling me what's right and wrong. And neither do you.

EuSei Oct 02, 2013

(I am happy I inspired the patron below with a third of his comment. And I am quite surprised that someone self-described as an atheist would be interested in this kind of book... Besides, there is not a single practical example of the "child abuse" perpetrated by the author of the book! Child abuse is a term that should not be used so lightly, by the way.) Interestingly—and I don’t mean to criticize the prior reviewer—it was the presence of religion that draw my attention to this book. Besides, anyone who cared to do a little research on the author would find her web site, CathyDuffyReviews.com, where she makes no mystery of her beliefs. Although I am not a church-goer, we clearly see the result of an atheist education all over this country: teens having sex, getting pregnant, parents being ridiculed and disrespected, moral codes being trampled and substituted by no code at all. I guess it is time we start listening to the Founders and realize how right they were; as John Adams wrote: “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Highly recommend this book for parents trying to educate as well as reinforce their children moral values.


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ecrl Feb 08, 2016

ecrl thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

EuSei Feb 07, 2016

EuSei thinks this title is suitable for All Ages


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