Touch of Evil

Touch of Evil

DVD - 2000
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An elaborate mystery involving a corrupt police official in a squalid town on the Mexican border and a murder that ensnares a narcotics agent and his wife.
Publisher: Universal City, Calif. : Universal Studios, c2000
Edition: Anamorphic widescreen (aspect ratio 1.851)
ISBN: 9780783230610
Characteristics: 1 videodisc (111 min.) : sd., b&w ; 4 3/4 in


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Feb 07, 2017

The restored version is a film noir that is visually entertaining with its corruption and seediness. Although the story takes place in an American-Mexican border town complete with a field of production oil wells, it was actually filmed in Venice, California. IMHO, I would rate the restored version of "Touch of Evil" at 4.0 stars.

Is this the re-edit by Murch? I just googled it and it is the Murch re-edit that includes the notes that Welles included but never made it into the 1958 release. Murch did a great job of bringing Welles' project (and career) to a great close.

Oct 24, 2014

Never have I seen on a film website in the KCLS web site so many rave reviews. The amount of patrons that took the time to comment on "Touch of Evil" is impressive. I loved the movie. I thought that Orson Welles was great as an actor and as a director of the movie. The camera angles and the way Well's photographed faces was amazing. What surprises me is that KCLS only has one copy of the movie and their are no holds on the movie. This is for one of the Top 100 films ever made in the United States. It is an Orson Well's classic with many of the patrons that commented below. I encourage you to read their thoughtful comments and watch this great movie. Then you can leave us your comments right here on the KCLS web site. Thanks!

wooknight Nov 02, 2013

Interesting movie . Raises questions between doing the "right" thing and following due process. It was truly ironic that I watched this movie right after I finished watching Judgement at Nuremberg where the judges were indicted for following whatever passed for due process in Nazi Germany. In this movie , the attention is focused more on a cop who is willing to break rules to do the right thing.

Oct 31, 2013

From the opening sequence--a tracking shot with a crane too (never seen that before or since)--we are in Welles country. Dietrich, Heston, Leigh and of course Welles himself make a terrific cast. The last scene on the bridge is wonderful filmmaking.

One of the better designed and creatively designed dvds around though it does have its faults such as not being completely user friendly.

It includes a long memo from Orson Welles but doesn't immediately warn you (you are warned elsewhere) how long the memo is and that reading that memo is an intense and tiring activity in itself. I speak from experience, having begun to read it than finally flicking through to the end before watching the movie itself.

The movie is good and keeps the viewer interested right to the end.

The story is that of a good narcotics investigator and his wife who encounter a gang as well as a corrupt police official while they are on honeymoon.

It is a honeymoon from hell for the wife who ends up being stalked and then abused by gang members who have ties to the police official at some point.

A violent yet ultimately happy ending for the couple, a violent end for the corrupt cop and his partner or friend as well as the businessman associated with gang members. 10/10

Jan 24, 2013

A great film-noir. My full thoughts here:

voisjoe1 Oct 25, 2012

A truly great film directed and acted by Orson Welles. I saw a documentary on how the film company changed the editing of various scenes, possibly indicating the company did not know what Welles was trying to indicate. This is a film with enough depth that this string of editing changes could fill up a whole documentary. A portrait of one of slimiest characters you could ever know, ten times worse than the bad guy in "TheThird Man."

Oct 16, 2012

*This* is Orson Welles's masterpiece, to me, no matter the praised lavished on 'Citizen Kane.' This one’s nowhere as dry, yet it’s as murky and noirish and more enjoyable to watch. Nowhere as abstruse as ‘Citizen,’ with its eagerness (so like ‘Apocalypse Now’) to display precocious cleverness for undergrads to rummage through for symbols and allusions. Can't say much about this film, a crime drama, except maybe a few small points not mentioned in the other reviews here: There's a v. good book out about this DVD restoration, by Canada’s own Michael Ondatjee (‘The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film’), and the OPL's got a copy. The prosthetics are quite visible to me, esp. in Welles's nose but also in his girth. It’s a more than interesting coincidence(?) that a highly sexualized Janet Leigh is both in this and Hitchcock's ‘Psycho,’ and that her ordeals happen in motels run by edgy, creepy innkeepers: note also the striking parallels between Dennis Weaver and Tony Perkins, each outdoing the other to define ‘skinny sick weirdo.’ Do not miss the long opening shot, which encapsulates so much of the plot under the deliciously annoying blare of a border-town radio. Strongest recommendation.

Jul 26, 2012

A delectable noir, marinated in murk. Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn"-like score accompanies the shadowy streets, the honky-tonk gin joints... Floozies in torpedo bras, gorgeous convertible land yachts... Welles was sublime as the burned-out, bigoted, bloated gasbag, the nastiness just dripping from his pores. (Supposedly he was wearing prosthetics, even on his face, to add pounds, and he did look different, but I couldn't detect them. If so, an excellent job.) Heston didn't even bother with a Spanish accent. Uncle Joe was actually a Russian born Armenian (lol), and twitchy troglodyte Dennis Weaver was a poster-child candidate against inbreeding - hilarious stuff. Poor Janet Leigh never had much luck in picking motels (...Psycho!). Spectacular film, an absolute treasure. Maybe Welles is resting easier knowing it was brought back to his vision of perfection. FIVE STARS.

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Jul 26, 2012

Uncle Joe Grandi (translating for his nephew): "He wants to know if your husband is jealous señora." Susan Vargas: "You silly little pig." Uncle Joe Grandi: "Who are you talking about?" Susan Vargas: "I'm talking about YOU, you ridiculous old-fashioned, jug-eared, lopsided little Caesar!"

Jul 26, 2012

Tanya: "We're closed." Quinlan: "...You've been, cookin' at this hour?" Tanya: "Just cleanin' up." Quinlan: "Have you forgotten your old friend, hmm?" Tanya: "I told you we were closed." Quinlan: "I'm Hank Quinlan." Tanya: "I didn't recognize you. You should lay off those candy bars." Quinlan: "Eh.. it's either the, candy or the hooch. I must say, I wish it was your chili I was gettin' fat on. Anyway, you're sure lookin' good." Tanya: "You're a mess, honey." Quinlan: "Yeah... That pianola sure brings back memories." Tanya: "The customers go for it - it's so old, it's new... We got the television too. We run movies. What can I offer you?"

Jul 26, 2012

Risto: "You lost your rug, Uncle Joe. Your rug! You lost your rug!"

Jul 26, 2012

Hank Quinlan: "...Dynamite's no way to kill... Did I ever tell ya, the smart way to kill, Pete?" Pete Menzies: "Sure, sure. Strangle." Hank Quinlan: "...Hmm... Clean, silent..." Pete Menzies: "You told me all that. C'mon, finish that coffee." Hank Quinlan: "That's how my wife died. I don't usually talk about my wife." Pete Menzies: "Never, when you're sober." Hank Quinlan: "She was strangled, Pete." Pete Menzies: "I know, I know." Hank Quinlan: "Binding cord. She was working up at the packing plant, so the killer had it right at hand - smart. You don't leave fingerprints on a piece of string."

Jul 26, 2012

Hank Quinlan: "...Our friend Vargas has some very special ideas about police procedure - he seems to think it don't matter whether a killer's hanged or not, so long as we obey the fine print in the RULE books..." Mike (Miguel) Vargas: "-Well, Captain, I don't think a policeman should work like a dogcatcher-" Quinlan: "No?" Vargas: "-putting criminals behind bars, no! In any 'free country' a policeman is supposed to enforce the LAW, and the law protects the guilty as well as the innocent." Quinlan: "Our job is tough enough..." Vargas: "It's supposed to be! It has to be tough... A policeman's job is only is only easy in a police state -that's the whole point, Captain! Who is the boss, the cop, or the law?"

Jul 26, 2012

Hank Quinlan (to Pete Menzies): "...That's the second bullet I stopped for you..."

Jul 26, 2012

Schwartz: "Well, Hank was a great detective, alright." Tanya: "And a lousy cop." Schwartz: "Is that all you have to say for him?" Tanya: "He was some kind of a man... What does it matter what you say about people?" Schwartz: "Goodbye Tanya." Tanya: "Adiós."


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