Classic Barbara Delinsky novel of the emotional responses to tragedy and overcoming loss to a better life ahead.

Maggie Reid, makeup artist, has made a life for herself in Devon, Vermont, a town that attracts a lot of people who need a fresh start, no questions about the past ever asked. Her best friend, massage therapist, Grace Emory works at the Spa with Maggie and has her own secrets.

Maggie's unraveling begins when Grace's 15 yr old son, Chris, is charged with hacking, forcing Maggie chose to hide to protect herself or to stand with her friend and risk exposure. Complicating the issue is the arrival of Ned Cooper, head of the group who just purchased the Devon Inn & Spa.

Maggie must confront her past actions, and forgive herself as well as those who abandoned her in her darkest days before so she can face trying again to have a full life that includes the love of others.

It seems like it has been years since I last read Barbara Delinsky novel with her unique stories dealing with family tragedies and redemption. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the characters.

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