The Brainy Bunch
The Brainy Bunch The Harding Family's Method to College Ready by Age Twelve By Harding, Kip Book - 2014

I found this family's story very encouraging and inspiring. I found myself taking notes and believing I could succeed at homeschooling with my husband. I appreciate that they are very open about their faith, methods, beliefs, values and mistakes, even where I didn't agree. I felt at times that the picture is presented a little too rosy, but I also suspect that these parents are eternal optimists!

A few critiques: my husband was put off by the simplistic writing, and we both noticed grammatical errors. I think the plain-talking style was something of a technique though, to keep the material approachable and relatable. I had to laugh about quaint things, like referring to "Disney's Prince and the Pauper," not Mark Twain's. A good editor should have caught those things. In all though, this hard-working family has accomplished unique, admirable achievements and this book is a good jumping-off point if one is considering applying these methods.

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