Welcome Home, Bear
Welcome Home, Bear A Book of Animal Habitats By Na, Il Sung Picture Book - 2015

Bear is looking for a new place to call home. He sets off to visit his animal friends for inspiration, but there's something less than ideal about each spot - the desert sand of Camel's home is just too hot for his paws, and it rains too much in Orangutan's jungle. This is a simple story with a straightforward, satisfying conclusion for young listeners, as Bear discovers at the end of his tiring journey that his lush forest home really can't be beat. Cleverness peeks out of the beautiful illustrations, though, as expressive Bear clings to the side of Goat's steep cliffside home and gets inked in the face by a surprised ocean-dwelling Octopus. In between giggles, start a conversation about animal habitats - what makes each animal's home right for them? Pair with easy nonfiction titles on ecology for more learning together.

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