Fangirl is about Cather “Cath” Avery’s life in her first year of college. Cath has a passion for writing that made her join a Fiction-Writing class, and write Carry On, which is a fanfiction novel for the “Harry Potter” series in her world, called the Simon Snow series. But her twin sister, Wren (the former co-author of Carry On) decides to go to another university, and leaves Cath to take care of her father’s mental needs and finish their fanfiction novel alone. With her roommate’s distractingly omni-present boyfriend, and her classmate with scandalously good looks, Cath struggles to maintain love, family ties, and her passion in her notorious procrastination of life. This epic has Cath’s difficult daily-struggles of college life and snippets of her fanfics, giving the readers views of both college life and the world of fan fiction.

My opinion:
Overall, I really liked this book for the unique characters, and the fanfiction in between. I was surprised with the fact that this book has very relatable events people have to encounter on a daily basis, and how to approach them, such as betrayal and sibling relationships. I expected Fangirl to be just a bit more amusing in comical situations, but there wasn't much comic. I like this book more than I thought I would, because of the themes discussed. One thing that really intrigued me are the different viewpoints of the character, and made me understand why the main character, and other people, would feel that way. I loved the mood of the story- the cozy, homey feeling it gave- for the many places she visited. The main character herself, Cath, is inspirational because of her passion
being successful, and her positive relationships with other characters.

middela07's rating:
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