I love this book. I like the pictures, I like the story, and I love the messages about friendship.

Our narrator has a pet elephant. He loves is elephant, even though having an elephant for a pet makes him different. On November 17 the neighbor children are gathering for Pet Club day, and the narrator and his elephant are excited to go-until they arrive and see a sign on the door saying 'Strictly no elephants'. The little elephant leads his boys away, and as they wander the streets the come across another child who wasn't welcome at the party. She has a pet skunk. Together they form their own club where everyone is welcome.

I just love the overall message of inclusion, and friendship the story portrays. I really like how the children in the story do no dwell on why they were not allowed in the first club, they don't become angry or strike back. The narrator is sad and his elephant helps him move on, then he finds a new purpose and doesn't look back at the negative.

I also love the little messages scattered through out the story:
-"That's what friends do: life each other over the cracks" (The elephant doesn't like the cracks in the sidewalk)
-"that's what friends do: brave the scary things for you."
"never leave anyone behind"
-"give you directions if you need them"
Short, and to the point these are little examples of what friendship is.

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