Hidden Valley Road
Hidden Valley Road Inside the Mind of An American Family By Kolker, Robert Book - 2020

Mr. Kolker is a journalist and author. His writing is exemplary. The book is richly written with extensive detail. Mr. Kolker tells the story of the Galvin family in the context of post-World War II American culture. The returning veteran, married couple raising a family in pursuit of the “American Dream”. Parents Don and Mimi raise twelve children (ten boys and two girls) in their house on Hidden Valley Road. Mr. Kolker presents vivid family history. His writing includes a parallel story for the development of mental health care, science, and principles specific to schizophrenia. The story of the Galvin family intertwines with the story for the development of mental health care. Each story impacts the other. The stories include the struggle between nurture versus nature and the impact of that struggle for the Galvin family. The story tells of the family’s participation with mental health care researchers. The book is a page turner. The story is told in a clear, at times painfully truthful, and empathetic manner. One can feel for the family and its struggles over the years. This is a remarkable story to read and to learn from. Mr. Kolker includes extensive notes for his sources, an index, and full bibliography

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