Mexican Gothic is a hauntingly, twisted tale of one of the strangest families you will ever meet. Set way up high on a mountain deep in the remote Mexican countryside, High Place is a house like no other.

The main character, Noemi, is a young socialite, who hails from a wealthy family in Mexico City. She spends her time attending parties, charming beaus, and studying various subjects. One night, she receives a chilling letter from her beloved, older cousin Catalina begging her to come to her side at High Place. The home of her husband`s family.

Noemi heeds her cousin`s warning and takes the train to see what is what. She finds her cousin under constant guard by the strict matriarch of her husband`s family. When she does see her she totally out of it.

High Place and the Doyle family are beyond peculiar. As you read you will be haunted by the strange family and the house they inhabit. What is their dark and eery secret? Can Catalina escape their clutches. Read on to find out!

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