Hidden Valley Road
Hidden Valley Road Inside the Mind of An American Family By Kolker, Robert Book - 2020

This might not end up in my favourite books of 2020 but it will definitely be one of the books that provoked the most thought, opinion and emotion for me. I was just itching to talk to someone about it the whole time I was reading. There were many engaging hooks to this book. The progression of the treatment of mental illness over the decades was certainly interesting as were the dynamics of the family relationships in this very large, deeply damaged family. However it was the parents, and in particular the mother of this family that captured my attention the most. My emotional reactions were all over the place with her. I was at times, disapproving, angry or even bewildered with her. At other times I felt like her biggest advocate. Sometimes my heart just ached for her. I don't know where she found the strength to get up and face each day. The story in this book is a true tragedy. That so much misfortune could rain down on one family is almost unbelievable.

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