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Dec 16, 2014mmcbeth29 rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
Boom the Bear, Snot the Snail and Twitty the Bird are friends. The three do not always agree on what to do with their time. Boom is more adventurous, Twitty is more afraid, and Snot likes to go with the moment. Throughout the story, a good deal of crocheting is happening. During a storm, Boom runs, Twitty hides and Snail rides the waves made from the rain. The illustrations in this book are absolutely adorable. They have a warm fuzzy feel to them. But I do not get the story line. Sure, I understand that the three friends have very different personalities and still remain friends, but the activities they do in the story seem completely random with no forward direction. The character names also don't fit the story. Snail is not a Snot, Boom does not act with an overlarge personality, etc. They are three quiet friends who do quiet things. I also understand the simple wording for the young readers, but this story definitely needed more words. This book is advertized for ages 3-6, but the storyline is abstract. I do not know what a three year old would get from the story itself. Following the illustrations without the words would be enjoyable to the little ones since the illustrations are that cute.